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Find current stock market movements

Welcome to Markets

Find Stock market insights with our fully functional stock screeners for multiple exchanges and countries.  Use the advanced chart to discover insights into any symbol including stocks, commodities, bonds and indices.  The economic calendar gives up to the minute results of important events.

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Stocks have a high potential for income generation.  You are able to potentially increase your income by magnitudes using this site.  We have a robust set of tools to help you in your technical analysis of stock market securities to select.  Our data is essential to select the appropriate stock for the times.

We provide data for multiple stock exchanges.  Select a country and find information for that country's exchanges.

Market Overview

The market overview gives you a general sense of where the stock market is headed for the current trading day.  It provides a list of the top five most active, top gainers and top losers.  This information may surprise most.  If you use the information with appropriate discretion, you can earn many multiples on your stock balance.  It is perfect for intraday momentum trading on the intraday, that is, trading on the same day.  The market overview is provided for each exchange in the selected country.

Stock Screener

The stock screener we provide is one of the best stock screeners out there for analyzing the stock market.  Use it to gain valuable insights of all stocks in a neat and easy to read format.  Use to drop down menus at the top such as performance and most capitalized on the left and right respectively.  They will show you blue chip stocks that are performing at whatever period you select, such as monthly.  There are many other sections to choose and the resulting information is the best you'll find given the completeness and readability of the information.  Market Data is available for many countries and exchanges.

Forex Rates

The forex section can be used for international exchange rate comparisons.  The chart can be used by choosing a country for the rows and columns to find the current exchange rate.  The exchange rate heat map in the second window allows for an easy to view impression of the overall exchange market over multiple countries.  Rates for the Forex data are provided in real time and are readily accessible.

Each securities endeavor comes with challenges over selection of securities for your portfolio.  Our tools will allow you to make a more informed decision on your next trade.

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